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At Cultivating Aesthetics, the most advanced laser technology around, offering solutions for both skin treatments, and hair restoration

The LaseMD Ultra is the ultimate skincare treatment!! It evens skin tone and texture, removes hyperpigmentation (sun damage, melasma, age spots, rosacea, etc.), shrinks pore size, diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and mild scarring, treats active ache, and leaves your skin glowing... all in less than 10 minutes per session!  

Laser Treatments

Unlike traditional resurfacing lasers, the LaseMD Ultra actually stimulates and helps to rebuild your skin. Rather than ablating your skin with high-powered lasers, the lasers in this system are fractionated and tuned to your unique skin makeup and goal.

This allows for gentle stimulation of healthier, glowing skin with reduced appearance of blemishes without being tough on your skin.

Especially with Vermont winters' impact on the integrity of your skin for a third of the year, gentle, supportive therapies like this are clear winners for many needs.

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The Lutronic ULTRA™ treats mild to moderate lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, melasma, shrinks pore size, skin tone/texture irregularities, active acne, rosacea, mild to moderate scarring, and promotes collagen production. 

  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Reducing Wrinkles
  • Shrinks Pores
  • Reduces Acne
  • Stimulates Collagen

Check out our solutions for Hair Restoration using our Laser technology! 


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